Working with sesame is:

High Fives
a team
Recognized as
HES training location
Sesame concentrates the skills of professionals in social action , education, the arts and culture.
It is a space for the development of recognized multidisciplinary skills ... it is socio-cultural animation.
an infrastructure
The Sesame center has an exceptional infrastructure.
Designed and produced   specifically for vocations arts and culture, in partnership with professionnel.le. s Sesame. A ll equipment, materials and facilities were selected s to offer professional s working tools   among the most advanced.
Tour communication
position available
June 2020
You can send spontaneous job offers.
Coming soon :
80% HES CDD Nov. 2020
Animation / education / social
4 years of experience  
50/60% ASE CDD August 2020
Socio- educational assistant